True Healing comes from owning and accepting all of life's energies within ourselves. When we allow ourselfs to begin to knowthe sides of ourselves that we have disowned, we discover they are not as scary as we had imagined. When they are allowed to be expressed, they take their places as important facets of our nature. There is no split between "good"and "bad".All aspects of life are elements of the life force and facets of the divine.
Astrology, Gemini

Gemini Horoscope for Fri, 07 Jan 2022 5:52:25 -0500

It might not seem all that important but resonance with friends and their life beliefs can make a difference. Trying moments of doubt cast a shadow on your most cherished associations right now. If you’re a spiritual person, you may realize some inconsistencies in your spiritual philosophy or hypocrisies within your circle of friends. Doubts about your spiritual path can bring you to a crisis and a crossroads in your thinking and open you up to the greatest potential within yourself.

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