Psychic Distance Healing

Psychic Distance Healing uses the highest energies available to mankind. The most powerful healing is able to work on many levels and get the results you need. New Paradigm Healing is fast safe and one of the best complimentary therapies you can use. It is Multi Dimensional Transformation (formerly known as Shamballa MDT).

PDH is the fast and easy way to feel better today!

Hi I’m Venus van Dam and I’ve been a claircognizant and healer all my life. Over the past 40 years I’ve developed my esoteric knowledge about the paranormal and the healing arts. During this time I’ve gotten a Masters in Psychic Distance healing so I could also teach classes. At the moment these are unfortunately cancelled until further notice.
A lot of people contact me because they are unsure about their own Psychic skills and want to develop them. Especially for that I have developed a Psychic Coaching programme. Others have a lot of questions about their developing paranormal feelings and want to talk to somebody who has a little distance from their personal situation. After all friends and family do not always understand or get tired talking about something they do not fully understand. So, for a fresh perspective, a new paradigm if you will, there is the Psychic chat option in the store. For a small fixed price we can talk about your paranormal gift and you can get all the support you need.

If you would like to get a Psychic Reading for insight, advice and guidance then you can get that too!


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