Develop your Psychic Abilities, Psychic Distance Healing


Your daily meditation:

Most of us have had experiences at certain times when wqe’ve felt life, energy, wisdom and power flow through us, when we’ve felt momentarialy “enlightened”. We have a brief moment of clarity and power and then it goes away again. When it goes away, we feel lost and unsure of ourselves. This is a part of the natural human experience. The more you practice trusting and following your intuition, the more consistently you will feel that sense of “flow”.

Your daily affirmation:

I’m in the flow.


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Suggestion: read the message, think about it, or do the exercise if given, and write down any responses, feelings or thoughts it triggers for you, how it applies to your life and so on. If you like it then write it out a few times and think about it throughout the day. If you don like it write one of your own and use it in the same way. At the end of the day read it once again abd write any further thoughts or experiences you have had in relation to this topic.

If you are using my coaching services you can discuss your experiences with me and get advice, insight and guidance on how to develop your Psychic skills and abilities.

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Venus Master Psychic

Venus van Dam is a Psychic Distance Healer. Her main focus is on helping as many people as possible. She is really passionate about making a difference in your life. Venus has a sense of humor so chatters beware!

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