Turn your obstacles into opportunities
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Turn your obstacles into opportunities

Turn your obstacles into opportunities and your problems into possibilities.

Roy T. Bennett

Things like this are interesting. First of all you realise that it is always easier said than done. Share it! Like it! And still it is elusive. First you need to define what your obstacle is. Then you get into the realm of what consists of an opportunity for that special obstacle of yours. So you have a problem? What is it? Now what could be a possibility based on that problem. You could ponder on these quotes all day going in circles and getting nowhere. So you just like it. Just share it and move on to the next.

Venus Master Psychic

Venus van Dam is a Psychic Distance Healer. Her main focus is on helping as many people as possible. She is really passionate about making a difference in your life. Venus has a sense of humor so chatters beware!

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